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  • Amazon "global stores" 3C digital industry promotion council

    ——Leveraging Amazon, ORICO turns on global brand partner pattern

    March 31 afternoon, the industrial service center in ORICO Internet & Creativity Industrial Park was full of cheers and applause. Organized by Dongguan commerce bureau and undertook by park, Dongguan 3C electronic goods manufacture and exchange programs with Amazon held grandly, which is timely help to everyone present. The participants are leaders from Dongguan and Changping commerce bureau, various e-commerce associations, hundreds of manufacturing companies and entrepreneurs.

    Leader Yangrong from Dongguan commerce bureau made a speech

    When it comes to cross-border e-commerce, we have to mention Guangdong. Shenzhen occupies 65% of national cross-border e-commerce industries, behind which is sustained by vast products research and development as well as supply chain. So there is a saying that Chinese manufacturing industries depend on Guangdong, while Guangdong manufactures rest with Dongguan, where once became global giant with ODM and OEM, and now has ushered in a new development opportunity.

    Dongguan is the core urban of national strategy plan in the bay area. Decades ago, comrade Deng Xiaoping drew a circle in Shenzhen, facilitated Guangdong as a pilot in reform and opening up. And now, president Xi drew a larger circle, unswervingly continued to deepen reform and promote development.

    The development of enterprises needs the concern of government, leader Yangrong from Dongguan commerce bureau is zealous as a public servant to connect Dongguan enterprises. Following the global development trends, he introduces various e-commerce platforms, internet giants and logistical leading enterprises for the transformation and upgrading of Dongguan traditional industries. According to the actual transformation needs of enterprises, the combination of Amazon manufacture and Dongguan ORICO Internet & Creativity Industrial Park was timely introduced, prompted the e-commerce platform giant settled down Changping.

    The sharing session of Amazon global stores investment consultant Zhang Yinxi

    Dongguan ORICO Internet & Creativity Industrial Park is the incubator of provincial sci-tech enterprises, which is affiliated to ORICO Technology Co. Ltd. It's discerning that ORICO is chosen by Dongguan government as a leader to promote the transformation and upgrading of Dongguan manufacturing. ORICO is a young startup that has several global e-commerce operations centers in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Changsha, sets B2B foreign trade operation site, B2C domestic and foreign trade e-commerce teams as well as internet R&D flexible supply chain. Furthermore, ORICO has established a unique model of e-commerce counterattack, applied brand concept and equity investment operation, miraculously turns into a large business empire, and it also be used for reference for the Chinese industrial optimization.

    Some pictures of live events

    Such an excellent company must have a legendary leader, he is the group founder Xu Yeyou, who used to be an executive of foreign software enterprise, a famous lecturer and a master of cross-border e-commerce supply chain, and he leads ORICO pave the way for wisdom in china with the natural kindness and craftsman's spirit.

    From the reflection of the meeting, it is a good beginning. The participants have said they would serve the society actively and passionately under the guidance and care of the leadership of Dongguan.

    The picture is ORICO founder Xu Yeyou shared advice on global e-commerce brand building