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  • ORICO Marched in Global Sources Consumer Electronics Trade Fair in Hong Kong

    Global Sources Consumer Electronics Trade Fair, an excellent electronics shopping centre, opened on October 11th, 2018 in AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong. There are altogether 3,700 booths and all kinds of high-tech electronic products and intelligent household products like mobile electronic/wearable devices, VR/AR products, and mobile electronic accessories.

    On the first day, ORICO appealed many customers at home and abroad by its “new favorites” ranging from hard drive enclosures, power banks, USB power strips, USB extensions to life accessories.

    To meet different needs of users, ORICO has designed various types of power banks. Power banks that support multiple charging protocols, smart power banks enabled Type-C interface, and ultra-thin power banks with large capacity. Everyone can find one that best suits him/her.

    ORICO’s design concept “Little change, big difference” brings out more personal and considerate products. Meanwhile, its integral industrial chain makes foundation for various product lines, and offers exact one-stop service for enterprises.

    Beside these special electronics, more new products at exhibition will greatly widen your horizon. Come and experience ORICO products at Global Sources Consumer Electronics Trade Fair in Hong Kong!

  • ORICO Marched in Gifts & Home Beijing Create a Gifts' Feast with Tech

    It has been a trend to show emotions and feelings by giving away a proper gift, no matter when visiting relatives, friends, customers or holding annual meetings. On August 16th, 2018, China Beijing International Gifts was held in China International Exhibition Center. It occupies an area of 30,000 square meters and offers 1,500 booths, containing brands which range from electronics, housewares, environment appliances, foods to home textiles at home and abroad.

    In this exhibition, ORICO came on the stage with varieties of electric products like external HDD enclosures, wireless chargers, USB power strips, USB expansions, USB fans, power banks, bluetooth speakers and more. ORICO provides a chance for participants around the world to experience these new electric products and offer a technology gifts feast to audiences.

    The best seller of this year USB fans are also on display, including the handheld and chargeable one as well as the vertical and mute one that is suitable for the desk, fully satisfying the needs of different users. In addition, ORICO provides professional OEM/ODM service whose whole industrial chain meets the demands of different enterprises. It is true that only through combining orientation and style of the brand with characteristics and requirements of every employee will an enterprise be able to select a creative and practical gift, and thereby keep talents following all the way.

    ORICO has received invitations for cooperation from businesses around the world so far. In the future, it will develop more gifts with tech creativity which will truly benefit our life.

  • ORICO marches in block chain with InterPlanetary Cloud Storage

    IPFS brings an on-going sensation

    When it comes to block chains, people outside the industrial firstly think about some acknowledged features like decentration and credit construction and more. Ever-developing block chain presents more demands to traditional storage, nevertheless, how does the traditional storage satisfy ever-growing block chain?

    Under traditional network environment, http protocol is indispensable while accessing network or servers. When you enter the url, click the webpage link, the complete file (webpage, videos, images and more) will be downloaded to central server address. If there are many people visiting it at the same time, the network will be blocked and low-speed.

    IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) is a distributed web, which employs point-to point hypermedia protocol. Any resources stored in this system, including texts, images, audios, videos and website codes, will produce its unique address through IPFS Hash algorithm. With the addition of protection from encryption algorithm, the address cannot be tampered or deleted, which means that data will be permanent once stored in IPFS. There are some repetitive files on the internet, such as music, films and so on. PFS locates public resources through content addressable technology. It stores multiple files on different computers dispersedly through Hash algorithm. Users can visit a file according to Hash address. Furthermore, its point-to-point feature fragments files and stores them on computers or servers which are the nearest to users. And download speed are increased remarkably. Therefore, IPFS makes our network quicker, safer and more open.

    InterPlanetary Cloud Storage W1000 is the No.1 Gen distributed storage devices belonging to ORICO that embarks IPFS protocol. And it supports data download from multiple nodes simultaneously, which becomes much faster than HTTP that needs to download from central servers. Meanwhile, IPFS saves users' storage space a lot due to its block chain technology and utilization of Filecoin to stimulate miners' sharing of their own hard drives. As for security, all visits will be distributed to different nodes, even attacker itself which is acting as a node, owning to its ability to against DDos attack. So ORICO InterPlanetary Cloud Storage is safer than traditional storage.

    It adopts aluminum alloy material, surface abrasive blasting and anodizing technique. It features mechanism installation; thicken aluminum alloy chassis, partitioned hard drive bracket, fixation nuts, shockproof silicone mat and more to protect data. With Large-area honeycomb ventilation holes on both, it brings great heat dissipation performance. Built-in 10 hot-swapping hard drive bays, plug and play, give you unlimited expansion and capacity.

    ORICO InterPlanetary Cloud Storage aims at providing forceful foundation for block chain through IPFS protocol, and offering users superior, reliable and private new Gen distributed cloud storage, to accelerate development of next Gen distributed cloud storage network.

  • 9 Years' development, a promising future

    --—— A record for ORICO'S Ninth Anniversary

    In the course of development, ORICO has dedicated in digital technology industry for nine years. During these nine years, ORICO has obtained many great achievements constantly. Committed to initial will of pursing originality and continuous efforts, with both inheritance and innovation, it becomes today's famous brand in this industry.

    On 17th June, ORICO celebrates its 9-Year-old birthday. It will go on facing challenges and exploring technology with original will in the future.

    In the changing big data age, with 9 years' efforts, ORICO endeavors to carefully find and analyze various unreasonable situations in people's daily life. Its innovative products stimulate people's yearning for a better life. ORICO has always been customer-oriented and aims to provide more convenient and effective solutions for public needs:

    In terms of hardware upgrading, ORICO has achieved a strategic cooperation with Seagate, Toshiba and more actively. In the optimization of independent supply chain, a brand new "211" service mode which means "two weeks' research and development, one week's production and at least one order" has been established this year.

    As for team's research and development, ORICO gives an active response to market demands quickly and iterate innovative products with its lean production process.

    The enterprise undertakes the mission and vision of a better life with company's culture idea including innovation, perfection, dignity, great love, health and happiness. Every ORICO member makes every effort to realize a dream of intelligent life called "Made with Wisdom" with his actions step by step.

    Every step is very challenging during this 9 years' growth. However, every ORICO member knows that only after perspiration is paid can success be acquired eventually. ORICO tries its best to move forward with its mutual spiritual concept corporately and steadfastly no matter how many obstacles there will be.

    ORICO has grown from a small firm into a global famous group company. After nine years of development, ORICO now owns 7 full-scale industrial chain factories with independent R&D capability, a R&D team of 150 more talents, and more than 1000 employees. More than 3000 days of trials and efforts, it has committed to originality and technology. Based on this, a number of products have successively obtained the title of “high-tech products” at the provincial level and above. ORICO has walked from the online agency to the offline physical store. From 2017 to 2018, ORICO has taken part in various important industry exhibitions held in Taipei, Hong Kong and other places, and was warmly welcomed by the computer peripheral enthusiasts. ORICO people have made a gorgeous chapter with their own adherence, and in May 2018, ORICO gets involved in the the list of the top 30 most valuable export brands for investment in cross-border e-commerce in China.

    Time flies, ORICO's success depends on the help of agents at home and abroad, supports of fans, and efforts of employees. Thank you all for your hard work, commitment, and support. At the same time, thanks to the challenges along the way, allowing ORICO to develop and present itself better.

    A new year means a new start; ORICO will continue to run on the road ahead. Please look forward to the promising future of ORICO

  • ORICO's Exhibition at 2018 COMPUTEX Taipei Ended Perfectly

    After decades of development, COMPUTEX Taipei has become the largest exhibition in PC field and stands in the forefront of leading IT reformation. With the purpose of building global technology ecosystems, 2018 COMPUTEX Taipei has six themes: Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Block Chain, IOT Technology Application, Innovation and Creation, E-sports and VR.

    On 5th June, based on the topic of COMPUTEX 2018 "Innovation and Creation", ORICO exhibits various innovative products, such as HDD storage peripheral products, USB PD chargers and so on. ORICO drives the development and transformation of computer/digital peripherals with peers, and at the same time, it passes the original design idea--- "Easy Your PC" to worldwide audiences.

    At this exhibition, ORICO displayed classical storage peripheral products dominated by NS series. This special magnetic HDD adopts tool-free installation, which not only brings comfortable using experiences, but also is a specific presentation of ORICO computer/digital peripherals' creative design philosophy.

    On 9th June, 2018 COMPUTEX Taipei ended perfectly! During the 5 days' exhibition, ORICO shared all-new technique views with companies and guests from all over the world, and they also had a communication about the newest technology tendency. This can offer adequate impetus for next technique innovation period.

  • COMPUTEX 2018: ORICO's original design idea — EASY YOUR PC

    COMPUTEX Taipei, as Asia's largest and the world's second-largest ICT professional exhibition, has become the best stage for global companies to showcase new products, new designs and new ideas. Thanks to geographical advantages, COMPUTEX also provides the best platform for global companies to find business opportunities and strategic partners.

    The 2018 COMPUTEX Taipei is held in Taipei from June 5th to June 9th. ORICCO also takes part in the global ICT industry to show the latest scientific and technological achievements to the audience both at home and abroad. ORICO's booth is located on the first floor of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, booth No.J1212. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit the exhibition.

    ORICO exhibits USB storage, USB expansion, USB power strip and many other fine products, new products.

    Recently, mobile devices supporting fast charging have come out. USB Power Delivery (USB PD) is one of the mainstream fast charging protocols. To bring consumers a more efficient charging experience, ORICO launches a series of USB chargers and USB power strips supporting the PD fast charging protocol. The typical products displayed at the exhibition also attracted a lot of attentions.

    In the future, ORICO will uphold the original design concept of "EASY YOUR PC", which will be guided by the user's essential needs. Each production detail and every function is based on user needs and will continue to provide innovation for users of computer, digital and intelligent terminal products!

  • ORICO at COMPUTEX 2018

    Today, COMPUTEX 2018 kicked off, June 5th. The 5-day exhibition gathered a lot of exhibitors at home and abroad. ORICO, a well-known peripherals and accessories manufacturer in China is also participating in the exhibition.

    ORICO's booth is filled with a comprehensive range of computer/digital accessories.

    There are Type-C hard drive enclosures with various capacities, metal chassis, strong and durable.

    Chargers and USB power strips which support PD protocol.

    Cylinder-shaped USB docking station supports multiple interfaces and has a high-end feel of Mac Pro.

    (10-port USB HUB and various USB docking stations)

    (multi-function charger)

    (3.5inch HDD and HDD dock)

    (3 kinds of power bank: plastic chassis/metal chassis/bar-shape power banks)

    At ORICO's booth, we see a wide variety of peripherals and accessories for PC and mobile devices. From power bank, power strip, HDD enclosure to USB docking station, etc., ORICO shows its strength in this field.

  • Multiple new ORICO products reappeared in the global CES

    The 2018 global consumer electronics show (CES) was held at Asia International Expo in Hongkong as scheduled. This event was divided into two phases: Consumer Electronics Show (11 to 14 April) and Mobile Electronics Show (18 to 21 April), which had gathered more than 6,400 booths and attracted more than 60,000 buyers from 150 countries or regions. After years of development, the global consumer electronics show has become the largest electronic product procurement event in the world and an export trade platform for Asian suppliers.

    The exhibition, which comes at the time of Boao Forum for Asia, listening to the important speech delivered by general secretary Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony, ORICO is more aware of the importance of opening-up policy.

    As a professional brand of computer/digital peripheral products, to take this opportunity, ORICO exhibits various types of consumer electronic products, such as USB expansion, USB storage, USB surge protector and so on. There are also a large number of new technology products that can be experienced by participants at home and abroad, and a new look of future technological life is outlined through a variety of technologies.

    The ORICO booth at the exhibition hall 3F16

    Visitors from home and abroad gather at the ORICO booth

    With rigorous attitude and advanced R&D capabilities, ORICO has provided many practical, high-performance and ultra-portable innovative products for individuals, families and enterprises. MacBox charging dock is a typical representative. Starting with the essential needs of the users, it integrates the adapters, chargers and multi-functional docking stations, continuously optimizes the electronic components and circuit board design, concentrates the product volume on the basis of strengthening function, and endows the users with the new experience of "high-performance and ultra-portable".

    ORICO MacBox charging dock

    As general secretary Xi Jinping said, an era has its problems. With the rapid development of modern society, the big data is the product of this high-tech era, and the development of the era of big data not only brings about technological innovation, but also produces huge amounts of data.

    In this regard, ORICO maintains a keen sense of smell in the industry, deeply realizes that the explosive growth of the data will bring hidden dangers, has developed and launched the classic storage products headed by the WS Hive series with professional strength. With mass storage, excellent speed and multiple security, ORICO strives to ensure faster and more secure private storage in the era of big data.

    ORICO WS Hive Series

    Open-up is overwhelming. In the future, ORICO will firmly stand in the forefront of technological innovation, take the increase in human happiness as a starting point, take advanced technological productivity as a pillar, and to promote the continuous development of human society!

  • ORICO unlocked and launched the stunning MacBox

    Suppose you have purchased a new MacBook without buying official accessories, then your external mouse, external keyboard, game handle, mobile hard disk, monitor, or even your iPhone, iPad and iPod, all these devices are unable to achieve synchronous connection, which brings inconvenience to our ordinary work. At this time, we need a Type-C docking station.

    So ORICO launched the MacBox docking station, which is an innovative combination of smart charger and powerful docking station, and it can provide your MacBook with abundant power as well as multi-functional data, video and network extensions.

    Integrated power module, three-in-one charge

    Nowadays, there are more and more electronic devices but fewer interfaces, and sometimes you can't even use a mobile hard disk while charging. ORICO MacBox is a perfect solution to the lack of interfaces, what's special about it is that the interface can be continuously superimposed, continue to extend and charge several devices simultaneously. Meanwhile, MacBox can provide 40W PD power supply, extend 3 USB3.0-A interfaces, and support 5Gbps high-speed data transmission. It can intelligently match charging devices, replace mobile phone, tablet and computer chargers, realize fast charging and make a real portability.

    Large-screen projection of mobile phone

    Nowadays, more and more people have strong demand for mobile office, for it enables us to deal with work affairs easily in various environments.

    MacBox can support HUAWEI mate10/mate10pro and other intelligent projection technology. Connect the phone to the monitor and TV to expand a big screen, and turn it into a computer host. Then, the files in the phone can be directly synchronized to the big screen, allowing you to handle PPT, Word and complex Excel form more clearly. For a business traveler who is often on a short trip, if he can handle almost all of the important documents with only one cell phone, that will be a real burden reduction.

    Of course, besides that, the charging problem has also been solved. MacBox can charge the cell phone while projecting large screen, and has a lasting endurance.

    USB3.0 super-speed era

    iPhoneX and iPhone8/8Plus have the ability of PD fast charging, and now MacBox enables this function to be easily realized. The Type-C interface supports USB3.0 and reaches up to 5Gbps data transmission, which greatly exceeds the current 480Mbps rate of the USB2.0 interface. More importantly, USB 3.0 can support up to 3A current, it means that the charging speed will also get a leap, bringing users a rapid charging experience.

    4K @30Hz output

    MacBox supports HDMI 4K interface, which means that if there is a HDMI interface on your TV, you can project the computer screen onto the large-screen TV by using the docking station. No need to set up, simple and convenient, plug and play.

    Smart and exquisite

    This is also a portable converter designed for lightweight laptops. The MacBox docking station adopts a minimalist style, with micro arc design and a fine-grained surface that does not leave fingerprints, it has high wear and corrosion resistance, compact and exquisite. Although its size is almost as same as Macbook charger, it has a greater capacity for polymerization, and the new circuit design makes it so small but powerful.

    In addition, the MacBox docking station supports 100-220V wide voltage, is suitable for different countries and regions, adopts high-temperature resistant polycarbonate shell and multiple protection, safe and reliable.

    In March 29, 2018, the MacBox carried out the first batch of sale in Jingdong crowd-funding, and the mystery of MacBox had also been unveiled at that time. It is believed that ORICO MacBox will be supported and loved by the majority of users after the official launch.


  • ORICO's many products have won the title of "Guangdong High-

    After several years of continuous innovation and design, ORICO has won the title of "high-tech products of Guangdong province" in December 2017.

    Founded in 2009, ORICO is one of the world's top digital accessories brands that incorporates R&D, production, sales and technical services. Based on the original design concept of "easy your PC", the new life and new experiences of intelligent devices are recreated to arouse the potential demand of consumers. The brand targets at high-end, and the products are recognized by the majority of users with innovative ideas and excellent quality.

    The NS500C3 magnetic hard disk storage system, one of the award-winning products, fundamentally solves the problem of loosening of hard disk cabinet due to the frequent disassembly. It has a distinctive patent, that is the tool-free installation of magnetic hard disk, compared to the design of other mechanical doors, the built-in permanent magnet not only do not worry about the service life of mechanical door, but also brings the smooth experience of replacing each hard disk and the stability of it, gives customers a revolutionary experience.

    Nowadays, the laptops are in pursuit of slim and light, but inevitably, there is a problem with less and less USB ports. ORICO efficiently uses the USB Type-C interface to launch the ORICO ADS5 docking station, which can not only bring you enough USB interface, but also there are HDMI, LAN, audio interface and so on.

    Other award-winning products are as follows:

    High-compatible and hot-swappable HDD dock with offline copy. Model: ORICO 8628SUS3-C

    Desktop intelligent lightning and surge protector. Model: HPC-4A5U-V1

    Wall charger with Intelligent adaptive voltage regulation. Model: DCM-4U-V1

    Cloud intelligent surge protector with rocker switch. Model: WPC-2A2U

    Multifunctional multi-port USB extended HUB. Model: P12-U3-BK

    New intelligent hard disk drive. Model: 3529RUS3-V1-SV