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  • Huang Weixiong , the head of Pingjiang Country investigated


    April 20th, Huang Weixiong, the head of Pingjiang Country, Yueyang City, who investigated Dongguan ORICO and other enterprises with his party, and then held a research conference in ORICO industrial park. The president of Guangdong, Hong kong and Macao-Shenzhen Pingjiang chamber of commerce Wu Yaojun and the president of Longgang branch as well as ORICO Technologies Co. Ltd. Xu Yeyou attended the meeting.

    The president of Longgang branch as well as ORICO Technologies Co. Ltd. Xu Yeyou introduced the industrial park in detail to county magistrate Huang Weixiong.

    County magistrate Huang Weixiong visited the ORICO manufacturing plants

    In the ORICO industrial park, county magistrate Huang Weixiong visited the exhibition center, E.I-startup mansion, brand incubation center, warehouse and distribution center, R&D lab and multiple manufacturing plants. It is reported that ORICO is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and brand incubation of intelligent hardware, and committed to helping more Chinese engineers start careers so as to carry forward the beauty of Chinese manufacture. There are about 20 flexible factories such as complete electronics market R&D, mould design, printing and packaging, wire making, silicone products, high-precision SMT, lightweight assembly test and R&D of industrial automation equipment in ORICO industrial park.

    In addition, ORICO owns a sale team nearly 400 people which set mold development, electronic structure R&D, industrial design, package design, market analysis, brand promotion, platform sales in one, to help Dongguan manufactures quickly seize market opportunities, define serial product lines, create a global brand and global sales channels, as well as the transformation to internet and e-commerce of more manufactures, to justify the concept"Made-in-China".

    ORICO vice president Ding Xianlin introduced ORICO industrial park

    During the meeting, ORICO vice president DIng Xianlin introduced the operation pattern and future development plans of ORICO industrial park in depth. Founder Xu Yeyou said that ORICO Pingjiang industrial park program had entered the stage of planning and development and will be officially launched in the second half of this year! After two or three years of development and precipitation, it is hoped that ORICO Pingjiang industrial park can learn from brand operation and industrial chain integration model of the pearl river delta, exploit the local advantage such as cooked food and gypsum building material, construct innovative service platform of personnel training, brand incubation, industrial design as well as technology and finance. Then the superior Pingjiang products can be distributed globally, so as to build internet innovation industrial base.

    County magistrate Huang Weixiong recognized and approved a lot to the ideas ORICO puts forward. In the meanwhile, he also made work arrangements and solved the encountered doubts during the ORICO Pingjiang industrial park planning and construction process, and set high expectations for construction and development of the project.

  • ORICO Technologies Co.,Ltd hogs the spotlight in 2017 Chines

    On April 20-23, 2017, the Chinese Processing Trade Products Expo which has 6 professional exhibitions is held on Dongguan, Guangdong, providing exhibitors with the huge innovative platform of equal trade at home and abroad.

    (Global brand exhibition G731 of ORICO Technologies Co.,Ltd)

    ORICO Technologies Co.,Ltd with its understanding of the innovative mode of trade and many years' technical experience participated in the exhibition.

    Founded in 2009, it is a national-level high-tech enterprise focusing on product development and online and offline marketing, and has its own industry chain and independent brand. Its storage products, Type-C expansion products, USB surge protector rank No.1 in online market. The company has successively set up the brand operating center, e-commerce operating center, supply chain, warehousing and distribution center, and industrial park in Shenzhen, Changsha and Dongguan. At present, it owns 10 R&D and manufacturing factory, 11 global e-commerce operating brands, more than 30 global registered trademarks, over 400 patents (including 10 invention patents). The sales has been rising at annual rate of 200% since it was founded.

    ORICO global brand partner development model replies on company's brand operating center, e-commerce operating center, supply chain, warehousing and distribution center, and industrial park, connects with external high-quality resources, delves product advantage, carefully operates subsidiary brands, realizes globalization of partners, achieves partner globalization, creates platform-type operating company, and aims to popularize Chinese good products.

    The company encourages "fission-type" startup to found multiple sub brands internally, soaks up investment of cross-border e-commerce teams, integrates resources, and changes superior products of traditional factories into new brands externally.

    (Municipal Bureau of Commerce section chief Yang Rong guided the work)

    (Sub brands of ORICO Technologies Co.,Ltd)

    In this exposition, it not only displayed USB3.0 smart PC peripherals, Type-C expander, mobile phones peripherals of its chief brand ORICO, the most representative silicone utensil brand EXVI and smart surge protector brand NTONPOWER in its 10 innovative subsidiary brands also showed up.

    The displayed products such as ANS6 attracted many Chinese and foreigners' attention and interpreted design idea of brand. ORICO has been devoted to make people's life more intelligent and convenient.

    (Vice president Ding Xianlin of ORICO Technologies Co.,Ltd accepted an interview)

    (Foreigner acquainted himself with creative products of ORICO)

    It is reported that the personnel ORICO sent are proficient in details of products, explaining the products for visitors in Chinese and English, which is ORICO's another focal point in the expo.

  • Amazon "global stores" 3C digital industry promotion council

    ——Leveraging Amazon, ORICO turns on global brand partner pattern

    March 31 afternoon, the industrial service center in ORICO Internet & Creativity Industrial Park was full of cheers and applause. Organized by Dongguan commerce bureau and undertook by park, Dongguan 3C electronic goods manufacture and exchange programs with Amazon held grandly, which is timely help to everyone present. The participants are leaders from Dongguan and Changping commerce bureau, various e-commerce associations, hundreds of manufacturing companies and entrepreneurs.

    Leader Yangrong from Dongguan commerce bureau made a speech

    When it comes to cross-border e-commerce, we have to mention Guangdong. Shenzhen occupies 65% of national cross-border e-commerce industries, behind which is sustained by vast products research and development as well as supply chain. So there is a saying that Chinese manufacturing industries depend on Guangdong, while Guangdong manufactures rest with Dongguan, where once became global giant with ODM and OEM, and now has ushered in a new development opportunity.

    Dongguan is the core urban of national strategy plan in the bay area. Decades ago, comrade Deng Xiaoping drew a circle in Shenzhen, facilitated Guangdong as a pilot in reform and opening up. And now, president Xi drew a larger circle, unswervingly continued to deepen reform and promote development.

    The development of enterprises needs the concern of government, leader Yangrong from Dongguan commerce bureau is zealous as a public servant to connect Dongguan enterprises. Following the global development trends, he introduces various e-commerce platforms, internet giants and logistical leading enterprises for the transformation and upgrading of Dongguan traditional industries. According to the actual transformation needs of enterprises, the combination of Amazon manufacture and Dongguan ORICO Internet & Creativity Industrial Park was timely introduced, prompted the e-commerce platform giant settled down Changping.

    The sharing session of Amazon global stores investment consultant Zhang Yinxi

    Dongguan ORICO Internet & Creativity Industrial Park is the incubator of provincial sci-tech enterprises, which is affiliated to ORICO Technology Co. Ltd. It's discerning that ORICO is chosen by Dongguan government as a leader to promote the transformation and upgrading of Dongguan manufacturing. ORICO is a young startup that has several global e-commerce operations centers in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Changsha, sets B2B foreign trade operation site, B2C domestic and foreign trade e-commerce teams as well as internet R&D flexible supply chain. Furthermore, ORICO has established a unique model of e-commerce counterattack, applied brand concept and equity investment operation, miraculously turns into a large business empire, and it also be used for reference for the Chinese industrial optimization.

    Some pictures of live events

    Such an excellent company must have a legendary leader, he is the group founder Xu Yeyou, who used to be an executive of foreign software enterprise, a famous lecturer and a master of cross-border e-commerce supply chain, and he leads ORICO pave the way for wisdom in china with the natural kindness and craftsman's spirit.

    From the reflection of the meeting, it is a good beginning. The participants have said they would serve the society actively and passionately under the guidance and care of the leadership of Dongguan.

    The picture is ORICO founder Xu Yeyou shared advice on global e-commerce brand building

  • ORICO 2.5″ USB 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure Review 2588US3


    The ORICO toolless 2.5” USB 3.0 hard drive enclosure (2588US3) brings a great combination of price, performance, and quality to the table. Though it is not perfect, for $9.99 the enclosure does exactly what it was intended to do without making too many sacrifices along the way. By the end of my video review I concluded that ORICO produced a a highly functional drive enclosure with only one minor drawback.

    While unboxing the product the first thing I noticed was that the enclosure is entirely composed of plastic. It does flex slightly when force is applied to it from the hands but it will provide adequate protection to the drive housed within in the case of a fall. The included USB cable was of good quality, it was thick, the connectors were solid, and I believe it should last many years to come with moderate use. Also included in the package was a customer service card and a user manual.

    After playing around with the enclosure for 15 minutes there were several things I really liked about it right off the bat. My absolutely favorite thing about this particular case is how easy it is to swap out / install 2.5” drives thanks to its toolless design. Installing a hard drive takes about 30 seconds, just slide the back panel off, pop a drive in, replace the panel, and you are good to go. Another thing that I really like is the fact that since it is composed of plastic the enclosure is light yet surprisingly durable. I dropped the enclosure from heights of several feet, not a scratch was made to the case and the drive inside was left 100% intact. Finally the USB port is placed in an easy to access location and the blue LED Indication light is nice and bright. I am a big fan of practical yet simplistic designs, the ORICO enclosure embodies both of those traits.

    There is one minor drawback that I would like to address in this review. For the most part the drive is held securely inside the case. Though, if enough force is applied to the enclosure (i.e. from a drop) the internal drive can become dislodged from the SATA port and will no longer be properly recognized. This is an easy fix thanks to the toolless design, just pop the cover off and reseat the drive. This only happens in extreme use case situations but it is definitely something to note if you are considering buying this drive.

    After you install a SATA drive in the enclosure all you have to do is plug the drive into your PC using the provided USB cable and it should just work. I tested the drive with both Windows 7 and Xubuntu 16.04 (Linux) and it was plug and play with both operating systems. Once the enclosure is ready to go the blue standby light will turn on, when the drive is being written to or read from a red LED indicator will flash to let you know that the drive is being accessed. For a budget drive enclosure transfer speeds were good. I was getting read speeds of approx. 216MB/s and write speeds around 160MB/s from an SSD that could do up to 509MB/s read and 163MB/s write through a SATA III port. It’s not going to be able to saturate a USB 3.0 port but the speeds are definitely acceptable for an enclosure in this price range.

    Drive speeds through SATA III

    Speeds through the enclosure

    This is a great budget drive enclosure which provides easy accessibility, good quality, and decent read and write speeds for a very good price. I am definitely putting this product on the list of enclosures I would buy if I ever need another one!

  • Orico 10,000 mAh USB Type-C battery



    charging speed:

    cosmetic blemish:

    It is a great size. It is slightly narrower and shorter than the 6P itself, so fitting it into my pocket isn't a problem. As long as your pocket is big enough for the 6P, it will be big enough for the battery. The battery is also very thin compared to the beasts coming from Anker, Talentcell, RAVpower, and Choetech.

    The USB Type-C port is rated for 2.4A, not 3.0A. Ampere suggests that it really is capable of 2.4A on the Type-C port. It reports ~2600 mA on the battery vs ~2900 mA on the stock Google charger. Of course 3.0A would be nicer than 2.4A, but I'm willing to deal with a small drop in charging speed in exchange for the extremely small size and great portability of this battery. Keep in mind that the 6P really only charges at 3.0A up to ~35% charge, and from there it quickly drops to slower speeds. So the difference in charging speed from 0% to 100% is probably only about 15 minutes.

    The chassis of the battery is made of aluminum and actually looks quite good. Mine did come with a slight blemish on the surface, which can be seen in the last photo, but it doesn't bother me. The chassis is also resistant to fingerprints. The aluminum is slightly textured/rough, just like the 6P's chassis. It has a "premium" look and feel.

    It charged my 6P about two full charges before dying itself.

    You can charge the Orico battery using the Type-C port or a micro B port. The Type-C port is capable of both charging and discharging, which is nice and convenient.

    I bought this product with 0 Amazon reviews from a company I've never heard of before with low expectations, but it actually seems like a very good product. The greatest thing about it is the size and portability. The size is just perfect for me. I was originally quite disappointed when Anker cancelled their 10,050 mAh Type-C battery, but this Orico's form factor is so much better. The Anker, had it made it to maker, would have been wider than the phone and much thicker than the Orico. The Orico, by stretching out it's length and width to be just shorter than the 6P's, is able to make the device as thin as possible, making it so much more portable and less clumsy than the Anker would have been. I highly recommend this one.

  • Orico QSE-5U, 5 Port Quick Charge 2.0 phone charger

    Today I’m doing a fully loaded review of the QSE-5U phone charger from Orico. This phone charger has 4 “super charge” ports and 1 Quick Charge 2.0 certified port. Let’s see how it does!

    Package & Photos

    The charger is shipped in a completely white box with only the logo on the front and some text on the back, it’s a very clean look. In the package you find the charger and a power cord together with some booklets.

    I really like the separate power cord design because I find this much more convenient then the plug in socket style chargers. It allows you to position the charger at the spot where you need it instead of having it stick out of a socket somewhere. Also, sometimes it could be the difference in length you need to make that USB cable work.

    Speaking of USB cables, take a look at my review about different brands of USB cables here. The results might surprise you!

    I bought this charger on Aliexpress and you can do so yourself by clicking here.

    All white and very clean look!

    The back shows you some information about the charger. The charger accepts 100v-240v so you can use the appropriate 2 pin AC cord to make it work anywhere in the world. It also shows the maximum of 5v 8A in total

    Overview of the charger with it’s ports and AC cable connected

    A darker shot to show you the tiny LED that is on top of the charger

    The setup with 5x 5v 2A didn’t work. The charger cannot handle the 5v 10A current. Since it’s “only” rated for 5v 8A this is correct according to it’s specifications. This also means that you can’t use all ports fully loaded at the same time! It did support 5v 9A in total so I don’t think it will become a problem during real world charging (Since most devices won’t actually pull 2Amps)

    With this setup the problem became a bit bigger. When testing the unit with Quick Charge 2.0 the total load became more of a problem. If all the normal ports are loaded with (4x) 5v 2A the quick charge current available would be very limited. Takes this into account, depending on your situation this is ok or not acceptable!

    With the 3x 5v 2A test the charger was drawing 36.4 watts from the socket. That makes this charger about 82% efficient. A good score.


    Single port tests

    Middle normal “Super Charge” port

    During the single port, middle port test the Orico does just fine. It supplies a good voltage combined with an Amperage cutoff at 2.7 Amps.

    The Quick Charge 2.0 went all the way up to 4.0 Amps during the 5v single port test. That’s the max my EBD-USB can draw from a socket. It’s also quite high so it doesn’t seem regulated which could be dangerous!

    At 9v we see the same behavior. The total amount is a bit lower because of the raised voltage. Still, voltage is very steady.

    At 12v the charger still doesn’t disappoint. It goes well above the 1.25A to 1.5A that are officially required.

    Multiport load tests

    Middle normal “Super Charge” port

    During this text 4 of the 5 ports where loaded with 5v 2A and the EBD-USB was connected to the middle normal port. As you can see at 1.40A the charger gets overloaded and resets itself completely (all ports because of total overdraw). So up to 4 ports it can handle a 5v 2A load, but no more then that!

    (I also tested having 2x 5v 2A load connected and when overloading a single port it only resets that port, not the whole charger!)

    The Quick Charge 2.0 port shows the same symptoms. When the rest of the charger is loaded with 4x 5v 2A the total wattage gets exceeded and the charger resets

    The same is obvious in the 12v test. It cannot handle a full load on all ports at the same time


    The Orico QSE-5U has a very nice 5 port design. As I mentioned above I really like the separate power cable design.

    While testing it did well but it’s limitations also became clear. It does well up to 5v 9A but above that the charger starts to reset itself because of a too high load. That is still well above the 5v 8A it’s rated for so in the end it’s able to supply what it is officially rated for.

    While doing so it doesn’t become very hot either. The hottest temperature I was able to measure after more then 10 minutes of being fully loaded it never became hotter then 52 Celsius. A very good score!

    So, even though you can’t fully load all the ports at the same time, depending on your scenario this is a very nice charger. If you are planning to charge 5 depleted iPAD’s at the same time, this charger isn’t for you but if you are mixing a GoPro, iPhone, Android phone and 2 tablets it should do so without issue.

    I bought this charger on Aliexpress and you can do so yourself by clicking here.

  • ORICO 2789U3 2.5″ USB 3.0 Aluminum SSD Enclosure with Silico


    Hey, SpongeBob is here!!! Well, it is my latest ORICO SSD Enclosure actually. Unlike normal HDD enclosure, it has aluminium alloy chassis with silicone cover for maximum protection. Being as a SSD enclosure, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface with UASP support is a must. Yup, ORICO 2789U3 has all of them. Is ORICO 2789U3 perfect as SSD enclosure? Better than my recently reviewed ORICO 2569S3? Let’s find out…

    Special Thanks

    This review is possible thanks to below companies. Be sure to check them out…

    • ORICO for this ORICO 2789U3 HDD Enclosure
    • GearBest for ORICO 2569S3 HDD Enclosure
    • Kingston for 480GB Kingston SSDNow UV400 SSD


    • Aluminium alloy chassis
    • USB3.0 TO SATA3.0 bridging solution
    • Internal shockproof sponge pad design
    • Equipped with 360 ° silicone protective cover
    • Enclosed with screwdriver tools, worry-free installation
    • LED indicator monitoring
    • Plug and play, widely compatible
    • Multi-safety protection, transferring safer

    Package Content & Design

    Again, ORICO 2789U3 comes with a simple package. However, it has lot of individual components this time. 2789U3 chip is well protected with antistatic bag and others by plastic cover. Yup, you need to assemble all of them yourself. Cool, right? User manual will guide you to install. Just use the triangle screwdriver to do so. And no worry about missing screws. 2 additional ones are included. Lastly, there are 2 silicone cover colours to choose – orange and blue.

    I won’t cover the step by step for installation. It’s not hard by following the detailed guide. And below is the end result.

    Build quality is top notch with aluminium alloy as chassis. And surely will help to disperse heat fast and provide protection. 360° silicone protective cover helps to absorb shock and collision. Effectively protecting your hard drive even in the outdoors.

    Above are the 2 triangle screws, micro USB 3.0 port and the LED light indicator.


    • Material: Aluminum Alloy
    • Dimension: 124 x 80 x 13mm
    • Output: USB3.0 Micro B
    • Speed: USB3.0 5Gbps
    • Installation: Screws (screwdriver enclosed)
    • Capacity: 2TB (9.5mm and below thickness)
    • Indicator: Blue LED Indicator

    Performance Result

    Does all ORICO hard drive enclosure comes with same controller chip? Nope. ORICO 2789U3 is using NS1068X USB 3.0 to SATA Ⅲ (6Gbps) Bridge Controller by Norel Systems. As usual, it supports USB Attached SCSI Protocol too. Rest assure that you can have maximum transfer rate on 5400RPM HDD. Are SSD getting the same treatment also? Below benchmark results will tell you…

    Hmm… NS1068X is slower than ASM1153E with 480GB Kingston SSDNow UV400 SSD. Not much as it is getting 370 MB/s read and 377 MB/s write in CrystalDiskMark sequential Q32T1 test. Higher write than read on ATTO Disk Benchmark with 397 MB/s read and 415 MB/s write. Again AS SSD Benchmark result is like CrystalDiskMark too. Finally, it manages to get much higher reading speed in Anvil’s Storage Utilities compare other controllers that I tested.


    • Decent performance with UASP support
    • Excellent build quality
    • Shock absorption protective cover
    • Ultra-portable
    • Workable without the casing
    • Stylish design


    • No tool-free design


    ORICO 2789U3 may not have the best transfer rate. But it is providing the best protection for sure. And this is great for those who like to carry portable hard drive around frequently. As usual, more information can be found at ORICO Website. You can also consider ORICO 2569S3 with better performance for home use too.

  • ORICO Mini Portable Super Speed 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub Review

    This is a review of the ORICO Mini Portable Super Speed 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub which I have used for several months with an ASUS ROG gaming laptop and used this USB hub to do everything from transfer media files and leverage it for the USB Mouse, Gaming Headset, Logitech C920 Webcam and a Laptop cooling pad. One thing that sets this 4 Port USB 3 hub apart from other USB hubs is that it requires no external power and it has a 3.3′ cable which gives you options to place it in a convenient location giving it plenty of room to still reach your laptop or desktop.

    First the skinny, the ORICO 4 Port USB 3 hub has 3 USB ports on the top and one on the front, so if you have an obnoxiously thick USB Drive that takes up too much space you can use the front port so it doesn’t block access to the other USB 3 ports which is a plus, as many thumb drives like the HyperX Savage can be thick enough that they would impede your ability to plug in another USB device in a port so close.

    Because of it’s long cable, I am able to mount this USB 3 Hub to the bottom of a desk using a 3M sticky back. This allows it to stay in place and not be in the way, and I had used all of the ports for various functions. The USB 3 pass through has no quality issues and I get the same USB 3 transfer speeds using the ORICO Mini 4 Port USB hub that I do when using the USB port directly on the laptop. The fact that I can run a webcam and gaming headset through the hub at the same time which you would have some issues with some hubs speaks for itself.

    The only negative thing I could say about the hub is I had some USB devices that they fit tight in the USB ports and get snug to pull back out and I have noticed that that casing around the USB can separate, see where the red arrows point to below in the image.

    That gap can split and separate and it leaves you having to snap the casing back together, it is cosmetic and probably is related to me fixing the back of the hub to the desk, but just pulling out some of the really tight fitting USB plugs can put too much pressure and cause that seam to separate requiring me to snap it back together. They could have just made sure the casing seals shut better, but if opened it gives you full access to the board and plugs so maybe it is like that so you can do simple repairs/fixing manually if you wanted to and something was wrong.

    Overall, for a laptop the hub is very compact, portable and does a great job of giving you 4 USB 3 ports on a single laptop USB 3 port. This is definitely desirable if you have a gaming laptop and you have multiple USB peripherals and I found this to be invaluable and this has been in use every single day since it was sent to us to review for one of the laptops in my house.

    Disclaimer: ORICO sent us the ORICO Mini Portable Super Speed 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub to do a thorough and accurate review. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.

  • Creating new future

    As time went by, 2017 is the eighth year after ORICO embarked on the area of digital accessories. It has worked on technique innovation and created many records in the past 8 years. June 17th is ORICO's eight-year-old birthday

    ORICO, from unknown to industry leader, will embrace every challenge in the future.

    ORICO which upgraded global online business in Changsha, Dongguan and Shenzhen in 2015 has ranked No.1 in areas of DIY storage and USB peripheral for 8 eight years. In post-e-commerce area, ORICO will dedicate itself to creating platform of internet + manufacturing innovation that is based on user value, drove by product innovation and aimed at win-win situation. ORICO has used its actions to realize the dream of original manufacture.

    Only ORICO's staffs know how rough it is to realize this dream, however, no matter how hard the work is, ORICO will forge ahead, sticking to the faith of persisting in original.

    ORICO developed the first tool-free hard drive enclosure, which adds a new adjective "tool-free" to PC accessories; designed first transparent hard drive enclosure series; gained the favor of giants like WD and Fresco Logic with its innovation and created a series of technical revolutions in the industry, impressing the world.

    ORICO has established 10 factories in over 3000 days with the help of more than 1000 employees including 140+ R & D engineers. ORICO has developed thousands of products belonging to USB storage, USB HUB, USB power strip, charger, digital accessory, high-end peripherals and more product lines. From online agents to real stores in 22 provinces, from China to America, Australia, Germany and other countries, ORICO's products are all over the world. ORICO owes its success to all the staffs. 8 years devotion leads to a promising future.

    Thank everyone for support, company, effort and dedication, which make ORICO sparkling. Thank all the difficulties and tests, which make ORICO better.

    The 8-year story of ORICO is wonderful and attractive, and it still has long way to go. Let's wait together for the excellent performance of ORICO.